Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cranberries, rich in antioxidants

I really like cranberries, like REALLY like them.  S when I was out with several friends and a store had these white balls sitting Tudor people to eat and I popped one in my mouth to find outfit was a cranberry I was stoked!  A new and delicious way for me to eat cranberries! I decided I had to recreate them.

My parents were coming up for Thanksgiving, and since they share the same love for them as well, what better time to try them.

So this is really quite easy as long as you do NOT burn the chocolate.

You will need:
1 16oz bag of white chocolate chips
1 bag of fresh cranberries
Tooth picks
Parchment or wax paper

Wash the cranberries and pull out any of the bad ones (soft, brown, etc) and dry them off.

Melt all the chocolate chips on LOW heat on the stove top, feel free to use a double boiler if you have one.  I would recommend NOT using the microwave its too easy to burn part of the chocolate.  You will know that you burnt the chocolate because it starts to get clumpy, almost like it isn't melting. It doesn't taste bad or smell bad like regular chocolate does when you burn it. It just won't be smooth.

Put tooth picks in the cranberries and dip them in.  I leave a little showing at the top because I think it looks ore festive, and I think it looks weird to have a hole in the chocolate.

Put them on the paper and let dry, serve and enjoy!