Friday, February 10, 2012

And Don't Forget Your Dust Mask!

What a week!  Hubby is gone away on business so its me, the dog and the new old house....  Thank goodness for our amazing carpenters!  Holy wah are they moving fast!  On Monday the carpenters were going to widen a door way.  That was really all they were suppose to do.  I left to go check in on something for work, came back two hours later and the door was widen and they were looking for more projects.  Drum roll please.....

Hello new closet!!! WAHOO! 

They also took out a header (I think that's what its called) that was in front of the basement door. Note the yellow circle....
and say goodbye to it!  (It was hollow inside fyi)

this is looking into the kitchen from the entry way.

Since they were moving so quickly and looking for projects until the drywall got there they found some projects for us to do.  We took out the lath and plaster on 5 walls, and two ceilings. 1 ceiling, and 3 of the walls were taken out in one night, and let me tell you it was a long night!  The others were taken out the next night, after the hubby had left on his trip.
 good bye wall
good bye kitchen ceiling

We discovered a lot by opening up those walls, things like a vent had two holes in it, our load bearing wall was missing several support beams, and other fun things like that.  Our carpenters now have more work.  Thank goodness they are amazingly fast and fun to be around!
These were two dusk masks after switching them out once during the process being compared to an unused mask.  I will ALWAYS wear a dusk mask after seeing this comparison.

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