Friday, July 20, 2012

A picture is Worth a Thousand Words

These are long over due, and my creative ideas for an entry are slacking right now.  So with little words and mostly pictures these are some old update pictures... There should be newer ones soon....

and besides who doesn't enjoy a good picture book from time to time ;) enjoy!

The picture above and below are of the kitchen just after the floors were done and uncovered
(still no appliances)

 Family room/dinning room.  Picture to the left is looking back into the kitchen, and the ones below are looking into the family/dinning room from the kitchen.

 Left is the entryway (and a very dirty front door)

Below is the guest bedroom.  The picture on the left is before the carpet went in, and the picture below and to the right is after the carpet went in.  (notice the dog being so good and not stepping on the new carpet).  The carpet is made from corn and is chemical free :)

These pictures are of the master bedroom.  To the left is looking at the closet with no carpet.  To the right is the closet with no carpet.  Our amazing carpenter built the closet out of scrap wood from another house he has been working on.  I love using stuff that would have been burned or tossed!

To the lrft is the master bedroom with the new carpet. 

The dog in the master bedroom.  How good is she to know that she was not allowed on the new carpet yet?!

More pictures to come!