Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Attack of the yard

The back yard... This was and still is going to be a long long project...  Like the rest of our house it has potential, I feel like that is the story of my life. 

Recently Hubby found out the history about the house. Well recent history that is.  The people who had it last inherited it from their mother.  From what we have pieced together from the neighbors and from doing some internet/facebook searches it was the Mom who cared about the yard, and her daughter/son-in-law not so much.  From what the neighbors said the back corner was turned into an outdoor car garage.

Thank goodness for my parents coming to visit and helping get the backyard in order.  A large section of the back fence was missing, fixed.  The grape vines had not been pruned and were crushing a wire arch, pruned and redirected.  The random orange fence, gone.  The partial fenced area, gone.  New grass seed, planted.  invasive species that threatened to take over, gone.

looking into the back corner of the yard.  That's the random fence, and the corner of the garage
 looking to the back right hand corner
 grape vines crushing the arch and over top of the pond.
 Raspberry bushes and the back of the garage
standing in the middle back of the yard looking at the house.

Updated pictures to come!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad for all of your hard work and showing us what a great yard we can have!

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