Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Kitchen!

So on our fifth day of owning the house (well 4.5 we didn't sign until midway through on the 23) we decided that it was time to say goodbye to the kitchen cabinets.  We have friends who are helping with the dry wall and they suggested to take it out because it would be a lot easier to drywall.  Not too much arm twisting was needed because that means this girl gets a new kitchen! Luckily we also have another friend who volunteered their time to help take out the cabinets, little did he know that it was going to be an all day event.

Below is the Kitchen at 9:00 am

Above: This is the Kitchen at about 2:00pm.  The cabinets were custom made and drilled/nailed into the walls.  They screwed the plywood counter top into the cabinets then did the custom Coca-Cola finish with the epoxy over the top.  The counter top was saved which meant the bottom cabinet pieces were broken instead. 

Kitchen at 9:00pm.  Goodbye flooring, goodbye cabinets, goodbye Coca-Cola stuff.

The flooring is all pulled up (minus the tar paper).  Yes folks there is hardwood flooring under there! There were 5 different floor coverings, 6 layers total, 7 if you include the tar paper. The plus side of all the layers of flooring  is that the wood floor hadn't been walked on for about 50 years.

What are we doing with all the Coca-Cola stuff you ask... well we are going to be selling it.  They are really cool looking when it comes to it, it really is just not for us especially since Hubby likes Pepsi.

Our other find today was another layer of wallpaper, 50's? 60's?  The reflective wallpaper we are most certain its from the 70's, just not sure about this one.

Since Hubby and his friend were being manly in the kitchen I was not allowed to join in any of the fun. Well, having to go to work took up a large chunk of my day.  Although, I started cleaning the walls and taping out the new closet that is going in the master bedroom.

In 4.5 days we have torn out the kitchen, all the trim in the living/dining room and the entry way.  Taken out the cabinets in the downstairs bathroom, torn off all the paneling, besides the pieces that are stuck behind window treatments of have lights attached, and tore out all the drywall in the basement.  We are tired!

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