Friday, January 27, 2012

Under the Layers

In our kitchen we were wondering what to do with the floor.  Many ideas have been tossed around, and none that we had settled on.  The one thing we knew we wanted to do was get rid of the two layers of linoleum.  However we discovered that there were more to what met the eye.  So under two layers of linoleum, plywood, ceramic tile, and tar paper is.... wait for it, wait for it MAPLE HARDWOOD FLOORING! it matches the rest of the floor on the downstairs.

 Its hard to see but under all those layers it is there!


  1. We remodelled an old farm house in lower Michigan when Kyle was small. Under our linoleum we found old, old newspapers from years gone by. The classifieds listed things like "100 acres, $600.00". You could purchase a new car for $1,200. A womans brand new stylish coat at Monthomery Wards was something like $1.99. And the headlines were about WWII, Hitler etc... They were amazing. They were used as padding and were nice and flat. We still have them stored away. Don't leave anything unturned. You might find treasures like our old newspapers, or maybe something even better!

  2. We haven't found anything that cool yet, still looking:)